Meet Jodie Enenbach-Moreno


Jodie Enenbach-Moreno
Agency Owner
License #8653599

Hello! My name is Jodie Enenbach-Moreno, owner of Smart Insurance Solutions®. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from Marian High School in 2000. I’ve been married to my husband, Juan, for almost 10 years and I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, reading, tending my chickens and being involved at my parish, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Omaha.

I first became a licensed insurance agent in 2005 while working for Mutual of Omaha in their Sales & Service Division. From 2008 until late 2013, I gained experienced in claims, member services, marketing and insurance sales while working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Late 2013, I made the leap to become an independent agent which I can honestly say 10 years later was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Although I was blessed with wonderful mentors at Blue Cross, working as an independent agent has been fantastic because it allows me to spend more time with each client getting to know their needs, creating lasting relationships and having access to a wide variety of insurance plans to offer my clients. Recently I obtained the professional designation of Certified Medicare Insurance Planner® which requires a minimum of 10 years of applicable experience and knowledge while maintaining the highest ethical standards. My team does not simply “sell” insurance products, we educate our clients on all the different options and provide ongoing customer service because we have the experience to do so. The insurance industry is constantly changing but we are committed to constant studying to remain current on legislative changes, policy changes, communicating with our clients and investing in technology to keep us ahead of the curve.


Our Certifications

*CMIP® and Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™ are owned by the parent company of Certified Medicare Insurance Planner™, DBA, The Life Man® LLC, and authorizes use of by individuals who have met the administration’s initial and ongoing certification requirements. The Federal Government, CMS, and Medicare does not affiliate with or endorse ANY professional designation, which would include the CMIP® designation.