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One of the most common catastrophes which can destroy your home is flooding. Just a few years ago, Nebraska was hit with some of the worst flooding we have ever experienced, closing down large parts of the city of Omaha and ruining thousands of acres of farmland. Due to Nebraska not being located in an area with a history of frequent flooding, many people did not have flood insurance.

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Flood insurance is unique. While many will get flood insurance through a private insurer, those who live in designated floodplains are eligible for coverage through the NFIP (national flood insurance program). Though the policy itself is through a private insurer, the rates for those in NFIP-designated floodplains is set by the government.

Pricing for other flood insurance policies is based on several factors. The first thing insurance adjusters will use to calculate the cost of a flood policy is the NFIP-zone within which the property is located. After determining the likelihood of flooding this way, they will use other determinants like the age of the property, the elevation at which it is located, and the number of floors within the structure. 

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Jodie Enenbach-Moreno

Agency Owner & Licensed Agent

Jodie Enenbach-Moreno is the owner of Smart Insurance Solutions®. Prior to opening her agency in 2013, Jodie worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Mutual of Omaha in service, sales and marketing. Her passion for client education motivated her decision to open an independent agency here in Omaha. Jodie hosts educational classes throughout the year on the radio, for community groups, financial advisors and the general public.

With over 15 years of insurance experience, Jodie spends many hours refreshing product knowledge, renewing certifications for government programs (Medicare & Marketplace) and staying on top of regulation changes. For additional compliance and support, Jodie has a long-standing relationship with Preferred Marketing Associates.

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Rebecca ‘Becky’ Rosales

Licensed Agent

Licensed Agent & Operations. Becky has been with Smart Insurance Solutions® for over 4 years and is a wonderful asset to the team.

She supports the agency in customer service, bookkeeping and insurance sales. Becky is from Omaha and has decades of support and leadership experience

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Cristal Briceño Rios

Front Desk Associate

Cristal’s background is in nursing and most recently worked for a pharmaceutical benefit management company before joining our team. Cristal is a great asset to our team in supporting the front desk area and other administrative duties.