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Why is it Important?

Life is precious and we understand the delicate nature of planning ahead for one’s final expenses, losing a loved one can be overwhelming and for many families it can be financially devastating. 

We will walk you through the steps of determining your need and align it with your budget. Each season of life is different so we offer a variety of plans to accommodate our client’s needs. 

Whether you need benefits to cover Burial/Final Expenses. Mortgage Protection or Income Loss Protection, we will help you plan ahead for these expenses so that your loved ones don’t have to.


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Term life policies are generally designed to meet the policyholder’s needs for a specific amount of time hence the name "term". Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific number of years which is set at the time of application.

The policy expires at the end of the term so it is important to purchase an adequate length of coverage because the policy may not be eligible for conversion to a permanent AKA whole life policy. If you pass away prior to the date of policy termination, term life insurance will pay out the death benefit to the designated beneficiaries.

If the insured passes away after the policy termination, the term policy will not provide a death benefit. Term policies can typically provide coverage for 10-30 years, depending on the insured's eligibility. If you need coverage beyond the duration of the term, there are several options the may be available including: additional terms, policy conversion and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance policies are typically lower premiums for higher benefit amounts. These policies can be a good choice if you need to cover existing debts like a mortgage, student loans or perhaps you have children and want to protect them financially in the event of your passing.

Term life policies can be a very cost effective option as they provide coverage typically at a much lower cost than whole life policies. The downside of a term life policy is that it provides coverage only for a specific amount of time as oppose to your entire life. Most term life policies do not typically provide cash value either which can be a benefit of whole life insurance policies.

Whole Life insurance, also known as permanent life insurance, covers you for your entire life or until a set age (typically either age 100 or 120 depending on the insurance company). Once you are approved for a whole life policy, the price is also locked in for life. Since whole life insurance is typically much more expensive than term life insurance, it is a good idea to purchase earlier in life since prices are impacted by how old you are when you purchase the policy. Whole life plans can also accrue cash value which can be borrowed against in the form of a policy loan.

Final Expense policies, also known as burial policies, can be a good fit for adults (typically ages 45-85) who do not have life insurance or are under-insured but looking to cover their final expenses. These plans are similar to whole life insurance because the coverage is for life or up until age 100 or 120. It is typically much easier to qualify for a final expense policy than a traditional whole life policy. Final expense policies do not accrue cash value.

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  • Cyndee Dell

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    Robert Laney

    Jodie was knowledgeable and compassionate! We wouldn't have been able to figure out the best medicare plan for my mom without her!!!

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    Jodie has been great to work with; very well informed, professional, and knowledgeable about current Medicare plans and options. She made the process easy for... read more

    Lane Hickenbottom

    Jodie and Becky are both first class-ladies who are incredible to work with. It's easy to recommend Smart Insurance Solutions!

    Ruth Ryberg

    Jodie has been very helpful throughout the process of selecting a Medicare plan for my husband and me. She has a relaxed attitude and patiently... read more

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Jodie Enenbach-Moreno

Agency Owner & Licensed Agent

Jodie Enenbach-Moreno is the owner of Smart Insurance Solutions®. Prior to opening her agency in 2013, Jodie worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Mutual of Omaha in service, sales and marketing. Her passion for client education motivated her decision to open an independent agency here in Omaha. Jodie hosts educational classes throughout the year on the radio, for community groups, financial advisors and the general public.

With over 10 years of insurance experience, Jodie spends many hours refreshing product knowledge, renewing certifications for government programs (Medicare & Marketplace) and staying on top of regulation changes. For additional compliance and support, Jodie has a long-standing relationship with Preferred Marketing Associates.

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Rebecca ‘Becky’ Rosales

Licensed Agent

Licensed Agent & Operations. Becky has been with Smart Insurance Solutions® for over 4 years and is a wonderful asset to the team.

She supports the agency in customer service, bookkeeping and insurance sales. Becky is from Omaha and has decades of support and leadership experience


Jonathan ‘Jon’ Giron

Front Desk Associate

Jon is the newest member on our team and will support the front desk area. Jon is from Omaha and graduated from Omaha Central and Metropolitan Community College.

He previously worked for Gregg Young Chevrolet and has several years of experience in customer service and office support. Jon is also bilingual in English and Spanish.