Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Why is it Important?

Most landlords require tenants (renters) to have a renter’s insurance policy in place before you can occupy the unit. Considering that you could lose all your possessions due to a neighbor’s carelessness, the relatively low cost of renter’s insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Renter’s insurance provides many of the benefits of homeowners insurance, without providing coverage for the cost of the dwelling itself. 

Renter’s insurance will provide liability coverage should you be sued by another person who sustains injury while in your home or from one of your pets. It will also cover any expenses should the structure become uninhabitable- such as hotel bills, restaurant meals, and additional costs associated with temporary living situations. 

There are three major coverages in a renter’s insurance policy: coverage for personal possessions, liability coverage, and ALE (additional living expenses) coverage.

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Additional Living Expenses plans are for those who wish to protect against specific disasters, such as a tornado, fire or theft. that make it impossible to reside in the rental unit.

This coverage will reimburse you for hotel bills, restaurant meals, and any other living expenses associated with the uninhabitability of your rental unit. There is usually a limit on how much money you will receive per month to cover this. 

Renter’s insurance will provide protection for your items against specific disasters, such as a theft, fire or tornado.

Financial experts recommend purchasing enough coverage to replace all of your possessions in the event of a loss. You can choose between replacement cost or ACV (actual cash value) coverage.

ACV policies will only pay for the cost of an item, minus the depreciation over time, so that you’re left with a smaller amount than it would require to replace the item. Replacement cost is exactly what it sounds like, covering the cost of a replacement item for the one you lost.

Like homeowners insurance, most normal policies may not cover the loss of extremely expensive items- you will want to add a floater to your policy to insure against the loss of unusually high-value items, such as a wine or coin collection.

Most renter’s policies will not cover losses due to flooding or earthquakes, so it is recommended to individuals in flooding or earthquake-prone areas to attain additional coverage in order to receive a payout if a disaster should strike. 

Renter’s insurance will provide liability protection against legal challenges for injury/property damage by the renter, pets, or family of the renter.

Many renter’s policies will also contain a no-fault medical coverage, which allows anyone who sustains an injury on your property to submit medical bills to the insurance company without having to resort to legal action.

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